Empowering change within our communities
Creating Hope
Provoking Love

Corporate Care

Transform work spaces into volunteer experiences. Discover how Perfect Love is making Corporate more Community.

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Heartbeat Partnership

Become a part of a passionate community of individuals impacting lives around the world. Lead the vision and connect with Heartbeat.

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Get involved

Discover what causes you to love? If you have a heart for change and a love for people then we have a place for you.

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Our philosophy

The Perfect Love Foundation is a nonprofit 501c3 organization committed to creating hopeful futures by provoking people to love. At the core level, the agency centers around 3 areas of love commonly referred to as S.O.S. (love of SELF, love of OTHERS, and a love of SERVING). These fundamental values are transmitted from the organization to communities through programming, partnerships, and volunteers. The organization’s welcoming stance towards innovative thinking and empowerment to effectively initiate change is expressed in the company motto - Help Differently. Perfect Love continues to have a measurable effect in familial and societal relations; empowering change within our communities and cultivating environments of hope.

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1051 Hours of

Each selfless hour of service dedicated to creating hopeful futures is an invaluable contribution to humanity.

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3975 Meals

On a consistent basis, we have the pleasure of providing portable meals for homeless citizens and individuals or families needing assistance.

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169 Total

Each mission and objective is executed with love through the selfless service of our rockstar volunteer teams.

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4213 Written
love notes

Each month we have the pleasure of writing and sharing short messages of love with homeless, underserved and seemingly forgotten citizens.

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1950 Hygiene

On a regular basis, we provide toiletries and hygienic items to those needing assistance.

Empowering Junior World Leaders

Defeating Disadvantages presents Leading Hope, a premiere middle school movement promoting educational excellence and empowering student leaders for community and generational change.

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Our causes

Corporate Sponsors and Partnerships

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Read about the positive stories on how we are creating hopeful futures on our blog, heart to heart

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